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Gender pay gap in corporates deteriorates

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By Josh Loeb

The gender pay gap is higher than the national average at all eight major veterinary corporates.

Topping the list in the pay comparison table (see box overleaf) is Goddard Veterinary Group (GVG) – one of the smaller corporates (with under 500 employees) – where female staff earn 50p for every £1 that male staff earn.

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Second on the list is Independent Vetcare (IVC), which has more than 500 practices, and has the widest pay gap of any UK company of this size.

Analysis also shows that at some corporates the gap between average hourly earnings for men and women has widened since the first set of pay gap data was made public last year.

At Medivet, for example, the gap between what men and women earned on average (median) across the business as a whole grew from 28 per cent in 2017/18 to 38 per cent in 2018/19.

The data were published online on the UK government website earlier this month.

Under legislation introduced in April 2017, all UK employers with 250 or more employees are …

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