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The stress test

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How are your stress levels? Answer these simple questions to check out how well you’re coping with the pressure of everyday life.

1. Do you set time aside each week for leisure activities and hobbies?

 A) Often

 B) Occasionally

 C) Hardly ever

2. How often do you grab a snack or a takeaway instead of cooking?

 A) Rarely

 B) Two or three times a week

 C) Always

3. On average, how many hours’ sleep do you get each night?

 A) At least eight

 B) More than four; less than seven

 C) I struggle to get more than four

4. How many days a week do you find time to exercise?

 A) I generally manage at least 30 minutes every day

 B) At least two days

 C) None

5. On average, how many caffeinated drinks do you have each day?

 A) I don’t drink caffeine – I find I’m energised enough already

 B) Between one and three

 C) Four or more. I wouldn’t function otherwise

6. How often do you feel organised and in control?

 A) Always

 B) Occasionally, although I do often become overwhelmed

 C) Never

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