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The power of teamwork
  1. Lucy Dobree, BVM, BVS, MRCVS

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Lucy Dobree is a veterinary surgeon at Bicester Vets, Oxfordshire.

A thank you card appeared in my pigeon hole at work this week. The card was from a couple who I had seen a few days earlier with their acutely unwell, elderly dog. They were having a particularly tough week for many reasons and, just to top it off, I had to tell them that their dog had a hopeless prognosis. She was only getting sicker and so we made the decision to euthanase her that afternoon.

However, that particular afternoon was also an incredibly busy one. We had emergencies coming out of our ears, all the consults were booked up and the list of inpatients was full. Nobody had really stopped all day. The reception staff were fielding as many calls …

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