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  1. Henry Lamb
  1. Crowshall Veterinary Services, 1 Crowshall Lane, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 1AD
  1. email: hlamb{at}

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I am writing in response to Pru Hobson-West (VR, 2 February 2019, vol 184, p 159) in regard to the popularity of the ‘Supervet’ tour.

Having not experienced Noel Fitzpatrick’s tour first hand, I am relying on Hobson-West’s thorough account. Her qualifications clearly demonstrate that she is highly trained in assessing the social dynamic that is created between orator and audience, and I found her description highly detailed and reliable.1

I find it interesting that, while not intending to raise any issues around the ethics of clinical practice, Hobson-West has presented us with some concerns which affect not only clinical practice, but the veterinary profession as a whole and society at large.

While his public speaking skills clearly …

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