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Rehoming hope for banned breed dogs

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By Georgina Mills

The government is to explore the possibility of allowing rescue centres to rehome banned breed dogs.

In a debate in Westminster Hall, David Rutley, parliamentary under secretary of state at Defra, said he would be happy to meet with welfare groups to explore the case law on how banned breeds on the Index of Exempted Dogs could be rehomed in the future.

The debate followed the publication of the Environment and Rural Affairs Committee’s (EfraCom’s) scrutiny of the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991), published in September last year, and the subsequent response from the government.

Under the legislation, four breeds are banned (named section 1 dogs) – the dogo argentino, fila brasileiro, pit bull terrier and the Japanese tosa.

The initial EfraCom scrutiny said the Act was ‘incoherent’ and …

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