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Next ‘storm’ could be parasiticide resistance

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Roundworm is one parasite that is commonly targeted by parasiticides

By Josh Loeb

Developing new classes of parasiticide will become increasingly important as resistance to some existing products emerges and spreads.

That was just one of the horizon-scanning insights offered by senior figures from the veterinary pharmaceutical industry at an event in London last week.

During a panel discussion about the future of companion animal parasiticides at the Animal Health Investment Europe conference, Douglas Hutchens from Bayer’s drugs discovery team referred to the spectre of parasiticide-resistant worms.

Such organisms have already reportedly emerged in some parts of the world and could potentially become a problem elsewhere.

‘The emergence of resistance – we have started to see that spread,’ said Hutchens. ‘And so new classes [of parasiticide] will be needed in future. The classes we’ve got have been great for the past …

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