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Postgraduate specialisation


The broad range of activites that vet Alison Blaxter has been involved in have all played their part in guiding her to her present role – teaching and mentoring vet students in professional skills.

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Southfields Veterinary Specialists, which is part of the Linnaeus Group, has received official approval from the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine for its new oncology residency programme, making it one of only a few centres in Europe to offer a specialist training programme in veterinary medical oncology. The training will be provided by European and RCVS Specialists, including American and European-certified Veterinary Specialist in radiation oncology Jérôme Benoît, and Sarah Mason, a RCVS and European Specialist in oncology (and the first person in Europe to have undertaken an approved European training programme in radiation oncology), plus Richard Elders and Slavomira Nécová. Southfields says the three-year programme aims to raise the standards of companion animal internal medicine in Europe and establish an internationally recognised specialist title.

(left to right) Richard Elders, Sarah Mason, Jérôme Benoît, Slavomira Nécová and Aaron Harper

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