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‘Ridiculous’ salary threshold could hit OVs

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By Josh Loeb

A threatened £30,000-a-year salary threshold that could drastically curtail the number of EU vets coming to the UK to work is being used as an unjustified tool for ‘blocking immigration’, the boss of the largest supplier of vets to government agencies says.

Jason Aldiss, managing director of official veterinarian (OV) contractor Eville & Jones, described as ‘ridiculous’ proposals that immigrants from the 27 remaining EU states might have to prove they will earn a salary of more than £30,000 annually to obtain a UK visa after 2021.

In September 2018 the Migration Advisory Committee, which advises the Home Office, concluded that if free movement from EU countries ceases after Brexit, then an annual minimum salary threshold of £30,000 should apply to EU migrants applying for Tier 2 visas.

Non-EU nationals applying for this type of visa – the designated visa route for skilled workers offered UK jobs – are already typically required to earn more than £30,000 yearly before they can immigrate.

Some applicants coming to work in sectors where …

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