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‘Urgent’ need to review revalidation process for OVs

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By Adele Waters

Almost half of public health vets who carry out vital animal export certification work do not plan to renew their qualifications.

According to a survey carried out by the BVA in July, 47 per cent of official veterinarians (OVs) who certify animals and animal products are not planning to revalidate when next required to do so.

The results are even more striking for vets who hold the avian export module – nearly three quarters (73 per cent) responded to the survey saying they do not plan to renew.

Without revalidation, OVs will no longer be able to be employed to carry out vital public health work by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

The survey findings expose the extent of frustration that many OVs have with the current revalidation requirements, introduced in 2014.

They will also exacerbate long-held fears that there will not be sufficient numbers of OVs to certify animals and …

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