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UK export agreement with Saudi Arabia will see no animals stunned before they are slaughtered

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By Josh Loeb

Millions of pounds worth of UK meat from lambs slaughtered without stunning is expected to be exported to Saudi Arabia as a result of a lucrative agreement secured by the government.

The deal, announced by food minister George Eustice in February, is estimated by Defra to be worth £25 million over the next five years.

At the time of the announcement it was unclear whether all the animals slaughtered in the UK to provide meat for the Saudi market would be stunned before being slaughtered. However, Vet Record has now obtained evidence showing that, under current arrangements, none of the animals would be stunned.

In April the UK Export Certification Partnership, a partnership between Defra and the livestock industry to secure market access for UK meat, issued guidance for official veterinarians and exporters for the export of ovine meat to …

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