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Vegans aren’t ‘brainwashing’ people
  1. Ruby Shorrock, BVSc, MRCVS

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Embedded Image Ruby Shorrock is a small animal veterinary surgeon at Pets ‘n’ Vets in Glasgow. She has been vegan for three years.

As a vegan veterinarian, I am a member of two communities that are often on opposing sides of the ‘animal rights’ discussion. It’s a tricky minefield to traverse; however, I felt obliged to write this column in response to a recent article in Vet Record that reported on comments made at the recent Animal Health Europe conference about vegans and animal activists (VR, 16 June 2018, vol 182, p 677).

The word veganism can induce a whole spectrum of emotions and spark fierce arguments, but I am not writing this column with the intention of arguing that you should become vegan. I am simply providing a voice for a group of people that I feel have been criticised without having been given the …

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