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Are farm assurance scheme inspections sufficient?

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By Georgina Mills

Inspections for farms under assurance schemes should be unannounced.

That is the view of Compassion in World Farming’s chief policy advisor Peter Stevenson. He says pre-announced inspections allow farms to cover up their welfare breaches.

His comment follows the release of footage showing animal abuse on Rosebury Farm, a Red Tractor-assured pig farm in Bedfordshire. Released by animal rights charity Animal Equality, the pictures and videos show inhumane standards of living for the pigs and illegal actions being carried out by farmers.

Rosebury Farm sells pork to major wholesalers, as well as to local butchers. Animal Equality recorded footage in the farm for three months with hidden cameras.

The footage included:

  • Piglets having the tips of their teeth clipped off without pain relief.

  • Pigs being shocked on the side and neck with an electric prod to force them onto the slaughter truck.

  • A piglet frothing at the mouth, having been thrown onto a pile of dead piglets.

  • Dead piglets …

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