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Time to innovate service delivery?
  1. Adrian Nelson-Pratt, BVSc, MRCVS

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Adrian Nelson-Pratt runs The Veterinary Business Consultancy, which offers business development support, coaching, mentoring and leadership training to the profession.

A friend of mine – a business director of a veterinary practice – told me recently that she has been coming up against a challenge of late – vets who only want to do certain tasks and will actively avoid others.

When she advertises for a vet, the applicants often say they only want to do consults, or only want to do ops. As an employer, this is infuriating; why are vets applying for a role that clearly says full time, full service if they don’t intend on doing this?

On the other hand, it highlights a pool of vets desperately wanting to contribute but, for whatever reason, only wanting to do the parts of the …

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