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Reducing plastic waste
  1. Janet O’Flaherty

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The BVA and BMJ take environmental issues very seriously and we understand the damage that single use plastic has on the environment.

The wrapper currently used for the Vet Record is fully recyclable LDPE 4 poly (low-density polyethylene). It can be recycled at larger supermarkets or local council sites who normally provide a recycling service for poly and plastic bags – you can check local recycling facilities for plastic wrap as well as other products with Recycle Now.1 We appreciate there are fewer facilities in rural areas.

We are members of the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) scheme, which champions responsible recycling and our poly carries the scheme-approved logo.

We have explored switching to compostable polywrap but there are several barriers at present. Compostable polywrap is three times the cost of their recyclable counterparts, which would drive our costs of production significantly as we have a large weekly print run. In addition, some wrapping machines can’t handle the product at all and when they can it is at much slower speeds also a major issue for a weekly production schedule. If the polywrap is overprinted with certain inks that renders them non-compostable.

We are exploring all options, including paper wraps

Our printers know how important this matter is to us and we are working with them to run trials with compostable polywrap to improve the production issues. This is a rapidly changing area so production and price constraints will hopefully be removed in the not too distant future as compostable wrap becomes more mainstream. In the meantime we are exploring all options, including paper wraps.


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