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Second-hand smoke not associated with lung cancer in dogs

A. Zierenberg-Ripoll, R. E. Pollard and others

Journal of Small Animal Practice (2018) 59, 343-349

doi: 10.1111/jsap.12778

• What did the research find?

This study did not find an association between exposure to second-hand smoke and primary lung cancer diagnosis in dogs.

There were no significant associations between case-control status and exposure to smoke regardless of the number of smokers in the home, number of cigarettes smoked per day or whether owners smoked inside the house.

• How was it conducted?

An owner survey was developed to collect data on patient characteristics, general health care and environmental exposures. Dogs diagnosed with primary lung carcinomas formed the case group (n=135). Dogs diagnosed with mast cell tumours served as control group 1 (n=169) and dogs diagnosed with …

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