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No scientific basis to homeopathy
  1. Martin Whitehead,
  2. Mike Jessop,
  3. Alex Gough,
  4. Niall Taylor,
  5. Phil Hyde,
  6. Martin Atkinson and
  7. Arlo Guthrie
  1. The Campaign for Rational Veterinary Medicine, c/o Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital, Banbury Road, Chipping Norton, Oxon OX7 5SY
  1. e-mail: martincnvets{at}

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From Vet Record’s (28 April 2018, vol 182, pp 469-471) coverage of the homeopathy debate, it appears members of the profession have misinterpreted some of the terms used about homeopathy by sceptics. Here we clarify the terminology, in the hope of moving the debate forward.

In their position statement on complementary and alternative therapies,1 the RCVS refers to homeopathy as ‘without a recognised body of evidence’ and ‘not based on sound scientific principles’.

‘Without a recognised body of evidence’ refers to the consensus within both conventional medicine and non-medical science that, when the large body of clinical trials regarding homeopathy is assessed using methods designed to objectively evaluate any clinical treatment, no good quality evidence has been found that homeopathy has any …

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