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A simpler tool for assessing quality of life in dogs

J. Reid, L. Wiseman-Orr, M. Scott

Journal of Small Animal Practice (2018) 59, 334

doi: 10.1111/jsap.12772

• What did the research find?

A 22-item shortened quality of life assessment form, which can be accessed via a mobile app, was found to be superior to the original assessment form, a 46-item generic tool (VetMetrica, that measures the impact of chronic pain and non-painful physical chronic diseases on quality of life (QOL) in dogs.

Field testing involving 153 healthy and unwell dogs demonstrated the tool to have good discriminative properties and high intraclass correlation coefficients.

• How was it conducted?

The 46 items from the original form were reduced using expert judgment and factor analysis. Items were removed following analysis of responses from owners of healthy and unwell dogs, intrafactor item correlations, readability of items in the UK, USA and Australia, and …

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