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Ignorance – an unwelcome form of bliss
  1. Viktoria Beumler, MRCVS

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Embedded ImageViktoria Beumler is an exotics and small animal locum vet in Essex

The other day a girl and her mother brought their rabbit in to have its very first vaccination. As I scrambled to remember my newest computer password (I am beginning to run out of dead pet names), the mother was already making ‘we never even took rabbits to the vet in the old days’ comments with gusto, while her daughter happily ignored everything outside the invisible bubble that surrounded her and her pet.

We all know we can choose the easy way or the right way. This was going through my head for a fraction of a second before I heard myself say the last words in the world the girl’s mother wanted to hear from me – least of all in front of her daughter. ‘So, does …

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