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Feline medicine
Tracking the history of research on cats and their ailments
  1. Bruce Vivash Jones
  1. Ermin Way House, 34 Dollar Street, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 2AN
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The Vet Record issue of 7 July 2018 dedicated to cat care is both timely and of interest. Andy Sparkes provided useful background on feline research based on the PubMed database with an earliest date given of 1868.1

A more extensive search of the historical literature for reports on feline disease yields an earliest date of 1414, when a ‘severe form of dysentery’ in cats was observed in Germany, a better substantiated report is from 1514 in England when a ‘severe epizooty’ in cats was described. These are followed by an increasing number of reports over the following years, mostly from Europe but also Egypt, Turkey and the USA, up to the 1800s, when a veterinary discipline was being established.

Before veterinary education was formalised there was an increasing interest in feline disease by medical clinicians …

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