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Time is needed for telemedicine debate
  1. Joanna Dyer
  1. Cartref, Velator, Braunton, Devon EX33 2BG
  1. e-mail: jdvetconsulting{at}

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First, although I am a member of RCVS council, I am writing to express my own personal views.

Having been involved in discussions on the subject for some time, I read Adrian Nelson-Pratt’s article ‘Telemedicine debate is taking far too long’ (VR, 1 December 2018, vol 183, p 663) with interest, alongside Matthew Limb’s report from BVA congress in the same issue, ‘Changes to regulations must not be rushed’ (p 636).

The ‘telemedicine’ that is currently being discussed by the RCVS is the remote delivery of vet-to-client services, including that which vets have been doing since the invention of the telephone. It does not include vet-to-vet …

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