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Do elimination diets contain what they say on the tin?

R. Ricci, D. Conficoni, G. Morelli and others

BMC Veterinary Research (2018) 14: 209

doi: 10.1186/s12917-018-1528-7

• What did the research find?

Out of 40 pet foods analysed, including both wet and dry novel protein diets (NPDs) and hydrolysed protein diets (HPDs), only 10 contained ingredients that correctly matched the label. Five of the products did not contain the declared animal species and the presence of undeclared animal species was detected in 23. A higher frequency of contamination was found in dry foods than wet foods, and in HPDs than NPDs. The most frequently identified contaminants were pork, chicken and turkey.

• How was it conducted?

Samples were collected from 40 food products (nine dry NPDs, 22 wet NPDs, six dry HPDs and three wet HPDs), made by 14 different producers. Each sample was analysed using …

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