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Environmental risk assessment of veterinary medicines
  1. Donal Murphy
  1. Head of Technical and Regulatory Affairs, National Office of Animal Health, 3 Crossfield Chambers, Gladbeck Way, Enfield EN2 7HF
  1. e-mail: d.murphy{at}

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In recent weeks there has been coverage and discussion regarding veterinary medicines and the environmental risks they may pose (VR, 27 October 2018, vol 183, p 490; 17 November 2018, vol 183, pp 599-600; 1 December 2018, vol 183, p 662). It is important for vets and animal owners to understand the safeguards to protect the environment that exist in the regulatory framework for veterinary medicines. The UK and EU regulatory processes for licensing animal medicines have a built-in One Health approach when it comes to all aspects of veterinary products, especially safety. A comprehensive regulatory framework is indispensable for the animal health industry, the availability of veterinary medicines and for the health of animals, people and the environment.

Before being issued with a Marketing Authorisation by the independent regulatory …

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