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Comparison of surgical sterilisation techniques in female cats

M. A. A. Pereira, L. A. Gonçalves and others

BMC Veterinary Research (2018) 14, 335

doi: 10.1186/s12917-018-1657-z

• What did the research find?

Ovariohysterectomy (OVH) and ovariectomy (OVE) produce similar levels of postoperative pain in female cats undergoing surgical sterilisation and, in this study, there were no short-term complications associated with either technique. However, the time required for OVE was significantly shorter than that for OVH, and none of the cats that underwent OVE needed rescue analgesia.

• How was it conducted?

Twenty female cats were prospectively and randomly assigned to one of two groups to undergo surgical sterilisation by either OVH or OVE. Pain was assessed before surgery and at regular intervals postoperatively using pain and sedation scales, physiological parameters and blood glucose levels. The person assessing the pain experienced by each cat was unaware of which surgical …

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