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Where do vet bodies stand on Brexit?

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By Josh Loeb

Several influential veterinary leaders and organisations from the UK and Europe have backed Theresa May’s Brexit deal with the EU – but the RCVS and BVA have declined to take any position on it.

Among those broadly supportive of the prime minister’s compromise are the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) and Animal Health Europe, which represents European veterinary medicines manufacturers.

An FVE spokesman praised the deal as ‘very helpful’, saying it would ensure that in the transition period ‘the valuable contribution the veterinary profession makes towards society can be maintained’.

‘The FVE, although regretting that the UK will leave the EU, is happy to see that the UK and the EU have reached a political agreement for an orderly withdrawal of the UK from the EU,’ he added.

The FVE, which represents veterinary organisations from 38 European countries, now wants UK and EU politicians to ensure continued mutual recognition and licensing of veterinary degrees, maintenance of continuous surveillance data sharing arrangements and collaboration on research.

Roxane Feller, secretary general of Animal Health Europe, gave the agreement tentative support, saying: ‘What’s important is continuity. Our understanding is that the UK is looking to stay as close as possible to the European Medicines Agency.

‘For us, that’s good, obviously. We’re happy that there’s this transition period, with potential extensions to it too. That makes it easier, from a pragmatic point of view, for companies to adapt.’

Their backing comes as MPs prepare to vote on the deal in …

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