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Telemedicine debate is taking far too long
  1. Adrian Nelson-Pratt, BVSc, MRCVS

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Adrian Nelson-Pratt runs The Veterinary Business Consultancy, which offers business development support, coaching, mentoring and leadership training to the profession.

Moore’s law states that the processing power of a computer chip doubles every two years and it would have been difficult to conceive of what the iPhone XS can do today back when the original iPhone launched just 12 years ago. Technological development is inexorable and we’re feeling the pace in the veterinary world too.

When the RCVS started its telemedicine consultation in early 2017 and reported back to its council in the summer of that year, it was noted that the area of telemedicine was poorly defined, rapidly evolving and it would be years before technologies reached the veterinary market. Decisions were made about how the profession should investigate and potentially …

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