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Two vet nurses have been recognised by Hill’s Pet Nutrition for their work in weight management and senior pet care. This year, both winners were from Independent Vet Care practices. Allison Hodgson from White Cross Vets, Redcar, won the Managing Weight with Excellence award. On receiving her award, she said: ‘I’ve been a RVN for 25 years and have always been enthusiastic about pets’ weight and how it can affect their health. Winning this award has only fuelled my passion to help pets lose weight and live a longer and happier life with their owners.’

A new category, Support Nurse of the Year, was won by Becky Smith from Wilton House, Guisborough. It recognises significant contributions made by nurses to the care of senior pets. As the very first winner of this award, she said: ‘I was delighted to win – even though it was very unexpected. I’ve been successfully running weight, diabetic and senior clinics for many years and recently set up mobility clinics that seem very popular.’

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