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‘Ethical puppy farming could fix smuggling crisis’

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By Josh Loeb

Encouraging responsible puppy farming in the UK could help reduce the smuggling of pets across Europe.

That was the suggestion offered by Lord Trees, a vet and crossbench peer, at the BVA Congress, held at London Vet Show last week.

Lord Trees, who is also the veterinary editor-in-chief of Vet Record, acknowledged that the phrase ‘puppy farming’ had negative connotations but said introducing the measure in the UK would cut the profits made by the black market trade in dogs bred overseas.

He said that intensively producing dogs on a large scale to satisfy the domestic market demand should not necessarily be opposed – so long as it was done responsibly.

‘Of course we must bear down on people who are doing things illegally to satisfy that demand, but I would suggest that concurrently we …

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