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Stress levels for vets will lead to ‘implosion’

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By Adele Waters

Stress levels among UK vet professionals are on an upward path despite greater awareness of the need to address the problem.

According to the latest figures from the VetSurvey – the trend tracker of veterinary professionals in the UK and 17 other countries – the proportion of UK vets describing themselves as ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ stressed at work has grown to 59 per cent, up from 56 per cent four years ago.

Expert analysis predicts the situation – due to time pressure and lack of staff – will eventually lead to an implosion and workforce crisis.

Carlos Michelsen, managing director of CM Research, a market research company that conducted the international vet research, said: ‘I think the stress and time pressures in the UK are going to get bigger and bigger and there’s going to be an implosion point where there’s going to be a rapid decline in the number of vets in practice.’

Researchers analysed data collected from more than 3500 vet professionals earlier this year. Respondents were predominantly small animal vets, female and employed full-time in practice.

They found stress was a problem …

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