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Teasing out the risks for Alabama rot
  1. Suzanne Jarvis
  1. Managing Editor, Vet Record, BMJ, BMA House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9JR, UK
  1. e-mail: sjarvis{at}

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Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV) – more commonly known as Alabama rot – was first reported in the UK in 2012. Since then cases have been reported annually.

The prognosis for dogs that contract CRGV is not good, mortality is high, often reported at 100 per cent.1 Even though some small success in treatment has been seen recently,2 it remains a serious disease with a poor outcome.

The aetiology of the disease remains a mystery. However, the lesions seen in cases are consistent with a thrombotic microangiopathy …

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