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Let us celebrate the ‘art’ of veterinary work
  1. Lucy Dobree, BVM, BVS, MRCVS

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Embedded Image Lucy Dobree is a veterinary surgeon at Bicester Vets, Oxfordshire.

We are not blessed with the world’s biggest office at the vet practice I work at.

Imagine Harry Potter’s pre-Hogwarts accommodation, then halve it, add a copy of every British Small Animal Veterinary Association manual ever written and anywhere between two and 10 vets of various shapes and sizes at any given time, and you’ll have a good idea of our current office situation.

This ‘cosy’ arrangement means that more often than not I end up overhearing my colleagues’ phone calls, and last week I found myself listening to one of them talking to a client about euthanasing an elderly cat with renal disease.

This isn’t exactly an unusual topic of conversation in a small animal practice, but listening to the way my colleague, who has been …

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