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A non-vet role to help exports is ‘acceptable’

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By Josh Loeb

The RCVS has given the go-ahead for the introduction of a non-vet workforce to help vets certify products for export.

The College’s standards committee has now examined the government’s proposal to recruit certification support officers (CSOs) to assist official veterinarians (OVs) and concluded the idea was ‘acceptable in principle’

Last week the College said it would take the first step to amending its 10 principles of certification – part of the code of conduct that all vets must follow – to enable the change.

RCVS registrar Eleanor Ferguson said: ‘Upholding the integrity and value of the veterinary signature has been our core principle when considering how CSOs could work as part of a vet-led team and support administrative tasks related to certification.’

The College will now discuss the issue with the BVA, which in turn will consult its members, before the proposal is referred to RCVS Council for a …

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