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Farmers need a better understanding of TB

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By Matthew Limb

Many farmers’ understanding of bovine TB is so poor it is ‘frightening’, according to the lead vet for a scheme supporting efforts to eradicate the disease in Wales.

Katie Rose, who leads the Cymorth TB programme for the APHA in Wales, said farmers were ‘blaming badgers for everything that happens on their farms’ when they should be doing more to improve biosecurity and disease control.

Rose was speaking last week at the Official Veterinarian (OV) conference in Swindon.

Her comments came as the Welsh government rejected a call by the Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW) for proactive badger culling in an Intensive Action Area (IAA) in Wales to be reinstated.

The FUW said last week the cull was necessary following ‘positive’ results from a four-year badger cull in the high-risk area of England that had reduced new TB outbreaks by around half.

Ian Lloyd, chair of the FUW’s animal health and welfare committee, said, ‘In light of the English results, …

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