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Badger cull authorised in TB low-risk area

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By Kathryn Clark

A licence authorising an initial four years of badger culling in Cumbria has been granted by Natural England. The licence is the first to be granted in the TB low-risk area of England and allows culling, trapping and vaccination of badgers.

Announcing the decision to grant the licence, Defra said last week that the aim was to ‘eradicate a pocket of infection in both cattle and badgers in the TB low-risk area’.

It added that the cull, combined with six-monthly cattle testing, movement restrictions and good biosecurity on farms, offered ‘the best opportunity to deal quickly with this localised threat’.

Natural England has also granted licences to cull badgers in 10 new areas in the TB high-risk area of England, bringing the total number of currently licensed culling operations in England to 32.

The announcement comes at …

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