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Welfare breaches during transport on the up

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By Josh Loeb

The number of detected animal welfare breaches taking place as animals are transported to abattoirs in England and Wales has more than tripled in three years, according to data collated by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

A ‘data stories’ report compiled ahead of an FSA board meeting due to take place later this month reveals there were 3832 instances of ‘in transport non-compliances’ recorded in 2017/18 – more than three times the number (1273) recorded in 2015/16.

In addition, the report shows there was a big increase in the number of incidents deemed as ‘critical’ – those involving ‘serious and imminent risk to animal welfare’ or where ‘avoidable pain, distress or suffering’ was caused. In total, 3335 such incidents took place in 2017/18, compared with 838 in …

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