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Responsible use of antimicrobials during lambing season
  1. Fiona Lovatt,
  2. Charles Sercombe,
  3. Phil Stocker,
  4. Iain Richards,
  5. Jennifer Duncan,
  6. Tim Bebbington,
  7. Kath Dun and
  8. Davinia Hinde
  1. RUMA Targets Task Force (TTF), Flock Health, Egglesburn Farm, Eggleston, Barnard Castle DL12 0BD
  2. Chair, Sheep Health and Welfare Group, Chair, Livestock Board NFU, RUMA TTF
  3. CEO, National Sheep Association
  4. President, SVS
  5. SVS
  1. e-mail: fiona{at}

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With the advent of the 2018 lambing season, we would like to remind all vets who have sheep farmer clients that, in any flock, it is not appropriate for all neonatal lambs to be treated with an antibiotic from the start of the new lambing season. In individual flocks and with close veterinary supervision, it may be appropriate to use targeted control measures …

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