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How to improve your salary
  1. Sarah Page-Jones
  1. SPJ Consulting, 134 Beechcroft Road, Swindon SN2 7QE
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I’M writing regarding recommendations in the ‘My View’ column, ‘How to improve your salary’ (VR, 20 January 2018, vol 182, p 87). I understand this is an opinion piece but, never-the-less, the author’s advice may be acted upon and so warrants review.

Adrian Pratt suggests that individuals could be rewarded for improving the practice’s net promoter score; apparently, ‘one of the most effective and robust methods of measuring a practice's performance’.1 In fact, evidence suggests that collecting and analysing this data makes absolutely no difference to business performance; it’s simply a 20-year-old management fad.2 Furthermore, rewarding colleagues on this measure can instigate many unintended consequences; for example, it’s easily manipulated by only including customers or employees who are known to be happy.

Similarly, Pratt suggests that ‘delighting existing …

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