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RCVS Council elections

The RCVS has announced the candidates standing for election to the RCVS Council this year.

The 10 candidates include four existing Council members eligible for re-election and six currently not on Council.

They are:

  • David Catlow

  • John C. Davies

  • Mandisa Greene

  • Karlien Heyrman

  • John Innes

  • Thomas Lonsdale

  • Susan Paterson

  • Matthew Plumtree

  • Iain Richards

  • Neil Smith

Ballot papers and candidates’ details will be sent to vets during the week commencing 12 March, and all votes must be cast by 17:00 on 27 April.

The biographies and statements for each candidate can be found at

Data protection roadshow

The Veterinary Management Group (VMG) is hosting a number of roadshows on the new data protection law. …

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