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No turning back on TB
  1. Kathryn Clark

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Anyone hoping that a review of Defra’s 25-year bovine TB eradication strategy could signal a U-turn on the controversial badger cull is set to be disappointed. The review, Defra said last week, ‘is not a review of badger culling’ and it will not revisit the rationale for the current approaches in the strategy.

As if to underline that badger culling remains a key part of its strategy going forward, Defra has also begun consulting on two potential new badger control policies (see p 208).

The first of these proposes allowing badger culling in the low-risk area (LRA) of England ‘in the rare event that disease is present in badgers and is linked with infection in cattle herds’.

Although Defra does not specifically refer to the finding, in August last year, of Mycobacterium bovis in badgers in a 250-square mile TB …

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