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Urban environment predisposes dogs and their owners to allergies

E. Hakanen, J. Lehtimäki, E. Salmela and others

Scientific Reports (2018) 8, 1585

doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-19953-3

Dogs living in urban environments were more likely to show signs of allergies than those living in rural environments

• What did the research find?

The study found that rural (ie, non-built-up) residential environments are associated with a lower risk of owner-reported allergic signs in dogs.

Several factors related to rural living, such as pet dogs living in outdoor facilities and having regular contact with other animals, were associated with a lower risk of owner-reported allergies. Dogs with reported allergies were also more likely to have owners with allergies than healthy dogs, suggesting that lifestyle and the environment are important factors.

• How was it conducted?

This study analysed the environmental risk factors associated with allergy-related signs in dogs.

Dog owners in Finland (n=5722) were asked to complete a survey. Information on whether their …

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