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Labour launches animal welfare action plan

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By Robin Fearon

The Labour Party has launched a ‘radical action plan’ on animal welfare to address issues including hunting, live export of animals for slaughter, badger culling and animal testing.

The 50-point draft policy document, ‘Animal Welfare for The Many, Not The Few’, is now available for public consultation and aims to brand Labour as ‘the party of animal welfare’.

Its proposals will aim to:

  • Improve access to veterinary care for people on low incomes

  • Enshrine the principle of animal sentience in law

  • Increase maximum sentences for those convicted of animal cruelty

  • Ban third party puppy sales and increase resources to tackle puppy smuggling

  • Establish a full-time independent zoo inspectorate

  • Ban live exports of animals for slaughter

  • Introduce mandatory meat labelling, including for non-stun slaughter

  • End badger …

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