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Government considering clear meat labelling

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By Robin Fearon

Lord Gardiner has given a strong indication that the government will introduce clear meat labelling.

The parliamentary under secretary of state for Defra made the hint during a debate in the House of Lords last week.

Clear labelling would inform consumers whether the meat they were buying was derived from stunned or non-stunned animals.

During the debate, Conservative peer Lord Hodgson asked whether the government would address labelling and the problem of consumers unwittingly eating meat products derived from non-stunned animals.

‘The labelling issue is very important’, said Lord Gardiner. ‘We think it is absolutely essential that everyone can make an informed choice. We will be considering this issue in the context of our departure from the EU.’

According to the British Retail Consortium, meat and meat products made using non-stunned slaughter are clearly labelled for those whose religion require it.

However, the veterinary profession has huge …

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