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Veterinary careers
First-opinion practice and shortage of vets
  1. Caroline Bower
  1. The Veterinary Hospital Group, Colwill Road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 8RP
  1. e-mail: carolinebower{at}

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FIRSTLY, I would like to add my approval for Vicky Payne’s letter (VR, 11 January 2018, vol 182, pp 55-56). She summarises what our role in first-opinion practice should be and also how rewarding it is when the job is done well. I can’t see what is wrong with doing relatively simple things to a high standard, and I relish the opportunity to help educate clients about excellent animal care and management in every sense. It is also a pleasure to develop a rapport with regular clients and their animals over the years, and yes, there can even be a sense of satisfaction in successfully dealing with grumpy or awkward clients from time to time. The skills …

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