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Gender pay gap exists across the profession

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By Adele Waters

A salary divide exists between the sexes, according to two UK-wide surveys of the vet professions.

Findings from the first survey by CM Research, an agency that specialises in the veterinary and pet sector, found male vets get paid more across all levels and roles.

While the average female partner earns £51,315, her male equivalent earns a pre-tax equivalent salary of £69,755 – a difference of £18,440, representing a 36 per cent uplift.

Market researchers collected 2016-17 salary data from 810 vets across the UK. It then analysed mean and median salaries by year and type of vet and practice, eg, full or part time.

The findings point to a consistent salary divide across all categories of work. Female full time vets, for example, earn an average £41,152 per year while their male colleagues earn £46,921 – a difference of almost £6000 a year (£5769) or 12 per cent (see …

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