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Principles of Veterinary Parasitology
  1. Rosemary E. Perrett, BVSc, MRCVS
  1. fourth-year student, Liverpool

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Principles of Veterinary Parasitology, Authors: Dennis Jacobs, Mark Fox, Lynda Gibbons, Carlos Hermosilla Paperback:
296 pages Published: August 2016, Wiley-Blackwell; ISBN: 9780470670422 Price: £35.99

‘PRINCIPLES of Veterinary Parasitology’ is an easy-to-navigate, clearly laid out informative book, that would be a good supplement for any veterinary student interested in this subject.

The information is cleverly formatted to guide you from the basic concepts through to the clinical application of parasitology. The core of the book puts emphasis on the major groups of parasites (arthropods, protozoa, nematodes) and the species within them.

The final sections refer directly to the animal groups (ruminants, equine, small animal) and the major body systems involved. This means directed learning towards a particular species or animal group can be accomplished easily.

Each chapter is accompanied by summary tables and …

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