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Cobalt deficiency in illthriven lambs

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SAc C VS disease Surveillance report for September 2017

  • Increased diagnoses of cobalt deficiency in sheep

  • Jejunal haemorrhage syndrome in a Holstein cow

  • Oedema disease in piglets

September 2017 was an unsettled month with the mean temperature provisionally 0.3°C above the long-term average. Rainfall totalled 102 per cent of average and was below normal in much of the north west but above normal in the north east and south west. Sunshine was 91 per cent of average.


Nutritional and metabolic disorders

Eight diagnoses of hypomagnesaemia were made across Scotland during September 2017. Inverness diagnosed the condition in a recumbent eight-year-old beef cow that had been housed, and its calf weaned, two days earlier. Two other cows in the group of 10 had appeared ataxic the day after housing but responded to treatment with calcium, magnesium and vitamin B12. The recumbent cow had a serum magnesium level of 0.3 mmol/l (reference range 0.8 to 2.0 mmol/l) and recovered following treatment.

Parasitic diseases

Outbreaks of parasitic pneumonia continued to be reported in September. Dumfries diagnosed the condition in a two-year-old salers bull, which was found dead at grass. The other bull in the paddock was reported to be dyspnoeic. The bulls had run with a group of heifers until four weeks earlier and had continued to lose condition despite concentrate feeding.

Postmortem examination revealed lung congestion, emphysema and peribronchiolar consolidation, particularly in the diaphragmatic lobes. Large numbers of Dictyocaulus viviparus were found in the airways.

About this report

This monthly summary is produced for Vet Record by SAC Consulting Veterinary Services (SAC C VS) and is based on reports from its centres in Edinburgh, Perth, St Boswells, Ayr (Auchincruive), Dumfries, Aberdeen, Inverness and Thurso and in collaboration with the Moredun Research Institute.

SAC C VS monthly reports are available online at from the first of every month.

SAC C VS commented that these bulls may have had limited immunity …

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