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Why are vet salaries so stubbornly flat?
  1. Adele Waters

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A working knowledge of economic supply and demand theory might lead you to think that recruitment difficulties within a profession would drive increases in salaries.

So what is the veterinary profession to make of the results of two new surveys that show vet salaries are stagnant?

This week we publish findings from both surveys – one from the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons (SPVS) and the other, from CM Research, a market researcher that specialises in the veterinary sector (see our news package on pp 62-65).

Findings from the CM Research survey of 810 UK vets indicate that salaries have stagnated or slightly dipped since its last survey covering 2015/16.

Average earnings (both mean and median) for a full time vet show a 1 per cent decline, for example. While there may have been some slight …

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