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How gene-edited pigs could combat PRRS

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By Josh Loeb

Scientists’ success in producing pigs resistant to all strains of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) should prompt fresh debate on allowing human consumption of genetically modified livestock, a senior vet at the institute that made the breakthrough has stressed.

Timothy King, who oversees farm animal facilities at Edinburgh’s vet school – and who was the vet for world famous cloned sheep Dolly – said pigs whose DNA was edited so that they could not become infected with PRRS were otherwise unaffected in terms of their health and welfare.

‘You wouldn’t know them from any other pig,’ he told Vet Record, adding: ‘It’s a very good news story in terms of animal health. Hopefully it will now start a big debate about whether genetic modification is going to be allowed in our food chain.’

Scientists from Edinburgh’s Roslin …

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