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Help stop ‘pugmania’, brachy group tells Disney

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By Georgina Mills

The Brachycephalic Working Group (BWG) is celebrating a win after persuading Disney to recognise the health and welfare issues of brachycephalic dogs.

‘Patrick’ is one of the filmmaker’s newest movies and the lead role is a ‘cute but naughty’ pug (pictured). Due to be released on 29 June, the comedy is about an owner, Sarah, who is bequeathed Patrick from her grandmother, and follows the story of how the dog brings chaos but eventually ‘turns her life around’.

The BWG contacted Disney to warn it of the damaging effect that this film might have on the breed – with an expectation that demand for the breed might increase – and to explain the health issues associated with brachycephalic dogs.

The group says the rising popularity of some key brachycephalic breeds, such as pugs, French bulldogs and bulldogs, had, in part, been caused by media promotion.

In response, Disney has agreed to numerous steps to counter the …

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