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David Shearer has joined Finn Pathology as a diagnostic pathologist/dermatopathologist having worked in these areas for the past 25 years. Mark Wessels, the company’s head of histopathology, said: ‘David’s expertise in dermatohistopathology is particularly valued as this forms a significant part of our caseload. His work as a clinical dermatologist means he brings a practical aspect to the histological interpretation of skin disease, which will help veterinary practitioners investigate and resolve such cases using the tools available to them.’ Finn Pathology handles a wide range of sample types from both UK and EU clients; although it deals predominantly with companion animals, it also has an exotic animal, farm and equine workload.

The Animal Health Trust (AHT) has appointed Hattie Wright as a new research assistant to support the ongoing work of its canine genetics research team. She has a degree in zoology from the University of Reading and a masters in veterinary science from the University of Cambridge, where she was involved in researching genes for brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome in pugs, French bulldogs and bulldogs, as well as the facial morphology of these breeds. This is a newly created position at the AHT funded by Vets4Pets.

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