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Dairy herd management
Pan-European agreement on dry cow therapy
  1. Andrew Bradley,
  2. Sarne De Vliegher,
  3. Michael Farre,
  4. Luis Miguel Jimenez,
  5. Thomas Peters,
  6. Ellen Schmitt-van de Leemput and
  7. Tine van Werven
  1. Cedar Barn, Easton Hill, Easton, Wells BA5 1DU
  1. e-mail: enquiries{at}

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In early 2017, as a group of seven bovine mastitis experts from throughout Europe, we met for a workshop in Wiesbaden hosted by Boehringer Ingelheim.

The objective for the workshop was to develop a consensus statement to:

  • Provide guidance on the use of antibiotic dry cow therapy (ADCT), selective ADCT and internal teat sealant (ITS);

  • Offer veterinary practitioners a reference for their recommendations and therefore, give them confidence in moving away from blanket ADCT; and

  • Emphasise the responsible use of antibiotics at the time of drying off.

We believe …

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